SUSD Beginning Band Legacy Campaign
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SUSD Beginning Band Legacy Campaign

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"Music For All" is a phrase that many of you have seen around the music room at Redwood. More than just a slogan, it is a philosophy to which our program aspires. Providing musical experiences and opportunities for any student in our district is a never-ending goal toward which we continue to strive.

We are thrilled that, after many years of discussion and with the ultimate support of our school colleagues, district administration and school board, we have the green light to bring our 5th grade beginning band program into the school day! While any change comes with questions, ultimately this is a wonderful opportunity to move our instrumental program a giant leap closer to our long-held dream of sustainability and “Music for All.” On a personal note, I am thrilled for this opportunity to collaborate with our district and SMB to implement the program, and also co-teach it at all three of our elementary schools.

What We Have & Where We’re Headed

This in-school beginning band program will replace the current before-school morning band at Argonaut (the same one in which I learned my own first band instrument in the 1990s). The introduction of an in-school program offers some notable benefits and provides solutions to many of the challenges the before-school program faced. Some of the most significant ones are listed on page four of our original Legacy Campaign letter.


What We Need & How You Can Help

Along with excitement and possibility comes a great challenge: the cost of jumpstarting the program. We must be able to provide all instructional materials to every student who is interested in participating. Consequently, we are asking for your help to fund the program’s start-up including a full set of our "Big Four" beginning band instruments, mouthpieces, accessories, method books, and more.

All donations are tax-deductible and donors will receive recognition on a special banner or plaque that will reside at each elementary school, and in music event programs based on the level of contribution.

  • Platinum - $5,000+
  • Gold - $1,000 - $4,999
  • Silver - $500 - $999
  • Bronze - $250 - $499
  • Music Program Fan - any donation amount

We would be deeply grateful to receive assistance from anyone! Please forward to and share this information with your company, colleagues, friends and relatives who might be willing to help us. Some items must be ordered soon, so we’re hoping to receive your donations by July 15, 2019, if possible, though we will gladly take any donations through the summer and into the fall semester.

Thank you so much for your support as we begin this new adventure in music education for our district’s 5th grade students starting in 2019 and extending into future years!