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Benefactor Donation

  • Alumni of SMB - $50
  • Family Membership - $150
  • Performer - $151-249
  • Section Leader - $250-499
  • Director - $500-999
  • Patron - $1000
  • More information in the description below (These donations are tax-deductible)

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The Saratoga Music Boosters (SMB) supports elementary, middle school, and high school orchestra and band programs, as well as the middle school and high school choir, visual guard and percussion programs. Some expenses that SMB covers include music, instrument purchases, music awards, and scholarships. SMB also subsidizes the Beginning Band and Orchestra Programs in the elementary schools. Last year, SMB provided over $150,000 of music, instruments, software, sound equipment, and program support for the Elementary Instrumental, Redwood and Saratoga Music Programs.

Our primary fundraising event is this SMB MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. Your donation is essential to our success!

Alumni of SMB - $50
Family - $150
Performer - $151-249
Section Leader - $250-499
Director - $500-999
Patron - $
Executive - $5000 and above

Any amount is appreciated.

These donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be sent out in January of the next calendar year.